Market in Campeche

Mercado Principal

Campeche’s bustling Mercado Principal, across the street from the Baluarte de San Pedro, offers some good snacks – if you can handle the 'rustic hygiene.'
Market in Mérida

Mercado Municipal Lucas de Gálvez

Mérida’s least expensive eateries are here. Upstairs are tables and chairs and diverse menus offering main courses of beef, fish or chicken. Look for recados (spice pastes). Downstairs at the north end are cheap taq…
Market in Cancún

El Mercadito de Sabores

Locals like the trendy style and inexpensive prices at El Mercadito, an outdoor market of locally owned food stands in the far southwestern corner of Downtown Cancun. Here, each locale serves a different kind of cui…
Market in Ticul


Ticul’s lively Mercado provides all the ingredients for picnics and snacks, and offers nice photo ops, too. It also has lots of those wonderful eateries where the food is good, the portions generous and the prices l…
Market in Mérida

Mercado Municipal No 2

Numero Dos is cheap, good and less crowded than some of the busier markets in town. On the north side of Parque de Santiago, it's packed with juice stalls and loncherías (economical eateries).
Market in Valladolid

Bazar Municipal

A collection of market-style eateries that are popular for their big, cheap breakfasts. At lunch and dinner some offer comida corrida (set meals of several courses).
Market in Chetumal

Mercado Ignacio Manuel Altamirano

Mercado Ignacio Manuel Altamirano has a row of small, simple eateries serving inexpensive Yucatecan food.
Market in Felipe Carrillo Puerto

Mercado Público

A decent spot to fuel up and do a bit of people-watching.
Market in Playa del Carmen


Serves up affordable homestyle regional cooking.
Market in Playa del Carmen

Mercado Nuestra Señora del Carmen

An different take on traditional market food courts, the handful of eateries here offer an array of dishes such as chilaquiles (fried tortilla strips in salsa), tacos and tortas (sandwiches) and ceviche (seafood mar…