Top Choice Mexican Wrestling in Guadalajara

Arena Coliseo

Watching masked luchadores (wrestlers) with names like El Terrible and Blue Panther gut-punching each other makes for a memorable night out. Expect scantily clad women, insult-hurling crowds and screaming doughnut v…
Rodeo in Guadalajara

Campo Charro Jalisco

Charreadas (or charrerías), similar to rodeos, are held at noon most Sundays in this ring just behind Parque Agua Azul south of the city center. Charros (cowboys) come from all over Jalisco and the rest of Mexico; e…
Live Music in Morelia

Casa de la Cultura

With the Conservatorio de las Rosas, this is a pillar of Morelia’s cultural life. Housed in an old Carmelite monastery dating from the 17th century, it’s a blissful place to hang out and soak up the musical spirit o…
Classical Music in Morelia

Conservatorio de las Rosas

Founded in 1743, this is the oldest music conservatory in the Americas and remains something of an ‘old-school’ music college. In its Alhambra-esque courtyard, you can sit and seek romantic inspiration as the sound …
Theater in Guadalajara

Ex Convento del Carmen

This erstwhile 17th-century church and monastery (which mostly now dates from the 1860s) is a downtown cultural center with five halls hosting a range of drama, dance and music performances as well as art exhibition…
Live Music in Guadalajara

El Parián

A garden complex in Tlaquepaque made up of dozens of small cantinas that all share one plaza occupied by droves of mariachi. On the weekends the bands battle and jockey for your ears, applause and cash.
Theater in Morelia

Teatro Ocampo

Numerous renovations since its inception in 1828 haven't dampened the refinement of Morelia's centrally located Teatro Ocampo. It hosts everything from theatrical performances to concerts, opera and dance.
Theater in Guadalajara

Teatro Diana

The hippest venue in town hosting a wide range of range of drama, dance and music performances. It stages traveling Broadway shows, concerts with local and international artists and art installations.
Live Music in Guadalajara

1er Piso Jazz Club

This sophisticated jazz club on the 1er Piso (1st floor) of a city block has sets most nights from 9pm and excellent cocktails.
Theater in Guadalajara

Teatro Degollado

This historic theater is a downtown cultural center that hosts a range of drama, dance and music performances.