Top Choice Seafood in Villahermosa

La Cevichería Tabasco

A stellar seafood place just over the river from the city center. With bright murals inside and out and a friendly neighbourhood vibe, this busy, and slightly chaotic, place serves seafood dishes that are so arty yo…
Top Choice Seafood in Villahermosa

Rock & Roll Cocktelería

A maelstrom of heat, swirling fans and blaring TVs. Everyone’s here for the large and delicious seafood cocktails (though it also has good ceviche and seafood stew) and cheap beer. It's on a pedestrian street across…
Seafood in Villahermosa

Mar & Co

A little out of the center, but worth the trek for its outstandingly good seafood. Culinary highlights are the octopus with garlic and the delicious shellfish. Most locals will insist it's the best seafood joint in …