Top Choice Seafood in Veracruz City

Villa Rica Mocambo

For those on short itineraries, there aren’t many reasons to make the pilgrimage to Boca del Río. But food – and this restaurant in particular – could swing it. Fish is the all-encompassing ingredient, from charcoal…
Top Choice Seafood in Veracruz City

Emilio Bistrot

Little known (for the moment anyway) by tourists, Emilio's is adored by locals who enjoy the clean, contemporary yet intimate feel of the place and creative dishes that mix Mexican, Italian (although to be honest th…
Seafood in Veracruz City

Mariscos Tano

A rehearsal room for a trio of jarocho musicians, Tano, which has been in business since 1967, is crammed with faded 1970s photos of the owner posing with Vegas girls. While cleanliness might leave a little to be de…
Seafood in La Antigua

Las Delicias Marinas

At the end of a row of seafood restaurants, adjacent to a pedestrian-only suspension bridge, the celebrated Las Delicias Marinas serves exquisite fresh and saltwater fish that could emulate anything in Veracruz. The…
Seafood in Veracruz City

Palapa Perea

This place may not look like much, but it has an excellent reputation for serving some of the best seafood dishes in Veracruz (quite an accolade!). Its location, a few blocks back from the seafront, means that it's …
Seafood in Coatepec

El Caporal

Set in an impressive colonial mansion on Coatepec's main square, El Caporal has hefty paella, large prawns and well-seasoned fish fillets. There's also a long wine list – Chilean and Spanish vintages dominate. Next …
Seafood in Chachalacas

Restaurante Marily

The usual stash of beachside palapas is brightened by the pink tones of Marily, with a huge selection of seafood, satisfying plátanos con crema (bananas with cream sauce) and quesadillas that are just asking to be w…
Seafood in Punta Villa Rica

Restaurant Miriam

Friendly Miriam and her extended family serve up delicious seafood dishes to order, in what is essentially an extension of their living room. Be warned, when she offers you her picantísimo (spiciest) dish, she's no…
Seafood in Orizaba

Mariscos Boca del Río

This wildly popular place is generally accepted to be the best seafood restaurant in town. Serving big portions, it's a favorite with family groups, and there's a welcome childrens play area, as well as valet parkin…
Seafood in Punta Villa Rica

Restaurante Totonacapan

The jovial proprietor often calls innocent bystanders over to this alfresco thatched-roof affair, the last structure on the town's main road and just where the beach begins. The food is ocean-fresh fish and shrimp.