Top Choice Cafe in Veracruz City

Gran Café de la Parroquia

To say that Veracruz' greatest ‘sight’ is a cafe might seem like a slur on this grizzled port city’s reputation, but walk into the Gran Café de la Parroquia – over two centuries old – and the penny will drop. The de…
Cafe in Catemaco

La Casa de Los Tesoros

This very popular hippie-styled place is part cafe-restaurant, part used bookstore (spot some vintage LP guides here), part gallery and part arty gift shop, selling locally produced handicrafts. It's renowned among …
Cafe in Córdoba

Calufe Café

If only all cafes could be like this. Calufe occupies the interior of an agreeably peeling colonial mansion with eclectic nooks arranged around a dimly lit plant-filled courtyard. Guitar and vocal duos provide a mel…
Cafe in San Andrés Tuxtla


Join the rest of San Andrés on the corner of the main plaza and sip an espresso while munching on a plate of eggs – cooked a dozen ways – some chilaquiles (tortilla strips with salsa and fresh cheese) or other mains…
Cafe in Papantla

Caffe Gourmet Volantini

Cool and minimalist Volantini caters to a youthful crowd with a range of proper coffee and cakes. It’s perched like a theater box above the zócalo action.
Cafe in Tuxpan

Los Quijotes

A full restaurant inside the Hotel Florida, Los Quijotes serves up the normal roster of Mexican dishes, including steaks and enchiladas. There's also a killer crepa con cajeta (dulce de leche pancake).