Top things to do

Top Choice Museum in Veracruz City

Museo Histórico Naval

Occupying a former naval academy, the Museo Histórico Naval has had a recent overhaul and some of the dusty old exhibits have become exciting, interactive displays that offer a titanic lesson in Mexico’s maritime he…
Top Choice Seafood in Veracruz City

Villa Rica Mocambo

For those on short itineraries, there aren’t many reasons to make the pilgrimage to Boca del Río. But food – and this restaurant in particular – could swing it. Fish is the all-encompassing ingredient, from charcoal…
Top Choice Plaza in Veracruz City


Any exploration of Veracruz has to begin in its zócalo (also called the Plaza de Armas and Plaza Lerdo), the city’s unofficial outdoor ‘stage’ where inspired organized events overlap with the day-to-day improvisatio…
Top Choice Seafood in Veracruz City

Emilio Bistrot

Little known (for the moment anyway) by tourists, Emilio's is adored by locals who enjoy the clean, contemporary yet intimate feel of the place and creative dishes that mix Mexican, Italian (although to be honest th…
Cafe in Veracruz City

Gran Café de la Parroquia

To say that Veracruz' greatest ‘sight’ is a cafe might seem like a slur on this grizzled port city’s reputation, but walk into the Gran Café de la Parroquia – over two centuries old – and the penny will drop.The de …
International in Veracruz City

Gran Café del Portal

This smart and impressively decorated place just off the zócalo is actually quite relaxed despite its surface formality. Indeed, service can be positively laid-back, though the deft aim of the coffee/milk-pouring wa…
Ice Cream in Veracruz City

Nieves del Malecón

Jarochos prefer sorbets (nieves) over ice cream and this is one of the town’s sorbet favorites, sandwiched between the malecón and the zócalo. Loquacious ‘callers’ stand outside drumming up business, competing with …
Live Music in Veracruz City

Las Barricas

This jarocho-recommended live-music venue and club plays a variety of music: reggaeton, salsa, pop, rock etc. It’s on the small side, so expect to be packed in with the raucous, jovial crowd, especially on weekends.
Live Music in Veracruz City

La Casona de la Condesa

La Casona attracts an older (ie not teenage) crowd and offers solid live music at night, and at other times even hosts occasional art exhibitions. It is situated close to the seafront, 5km south from the city center…
Bar in Veracruz City

La Cava

Definitely a neighborhood favorite, this tiny bar illuminated by black lights seems to host lots of laughter and cocktail-induced intimacy.