Live Music in Veracruz City

Las Barricas

This jarocho-recommended live-music venue and club plays a variety of music: reggaeton, salsa, pop, rock etc. It’s on the small side, so expect to be packed in with the raucous, jovial crowd, especially on weekends.
Theater in Veracruz City

Teatro Principal Francisco Javier Clavijero

This theater has a long history and has had many incarnations. It moved here in 1819 and adopted its current architectural style (French neoclassical with some tremendous mosaics) in 1902, though it's looking somewh…
Live Music in Veracruz City

La Casona de la Condesa

La Casona attracts an older (ie not teenage) crowd and offers solid live music at night, and at other times even hosts occasional art exhibitions. It is situated close to the seafront, 5km south of the city center o…