Top Choice Plaza in Veracruz City


Any exploration of Veracruz has to begin with its zócalo (also called the Plaza de Armas and Plaza Lerdo), the city’s unofficial outdoor ‘stage’ where inspired organized events overlap with the day-to-day improvisat…
Top Choice Museum in Veracruz City

Museo Histórico Naval

Occupying a former naval academy, this high-tech museum offers a titanic lesson in Mexico’s maritime heritage, with plenty of interactive displays and a beautiful layout. Displays run the gamut from pre-Colombian na…
Fortress in Veracruz City

San Juan de Ulúa

The city's colonial fortress has been almost swallowed up by the modern port – it's almost hidden amid the container ships and cranes across the harbor. The central part of the fortress was a prison, and a notorious…
Aquarium in Veracruz City

Acuario de Veracruz

One of Veracruz' biggest attractions and allegedly the best of its kind in Latin America, this aquarium does a good job of showcasing the denizens of the Gulf of Mexico, as well as fishy oddities such as arapaima an…
Cultural Centre in Veracruz City

Centro Cultural La Atarazana

This colonial-era warehouse has been beautifilly converted into an exhibition space. Worthwhile temporary exhibitions, such as ceramic art and installations by contemporary artists, are held regularly.
Cultural Centre in Veracruz City

Instituto Veracruzano de Cultura

A converted church and cloister house some excellent temporary exhibitions, such as art by Diego Rivera, as well as works by local contemporary artists.
Museum in Veracruz City

Museo de la Ciudad de Veracruz

Housed in a charming colonial-era building, this museum recounts the city’s history from the pre-Hispanic era, and also gives a feel for the essence of this proud and lively city through explanations of its music, d…
Lighthouse in Veracruz City

Faro Carranza

Facing the waterfront on the malecón, Faro Carranza holds a lighthouse and navy offices guarded by a large statue of Venustiano Carranza. It was here that the 1917 Mexican Constitution was drafted. Every Monday morn…
Museum in Veracruz City

Museo Agustín Lara

A monument to one of Veracruz' most famous musical icons, this museum displays a range of Agustín Lara’s personal belongings, furniture and memorabilia in the musician’s old city residence. It is situated just off B…
Arts Center in Veracruz City


On the southeast side of the zócalo, this small arts center has rotating photographic and video exhibitions. It’s spread over three floors of a restored colonial building, though sometimes only the ground floor is o…