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One of two cenotes at Dzitnup (also known as X'Kekén Jungle Park), X'Kekén is popular with tour groups. A massive limestone formation with stalactites hangs from its ceiling. The pool is artificially lit and very swimmable. Here you can also take a dip in cenote Samulá, a lovely cavern pool with álamo roots stretching down many meters. You can also rent horses (M$225 per 30 minutes), ATVs (M$275 per 30 minutes), or bikes (M$100 per hour).

Pedaling a rented bicycle to the cenotes takes about 20 minutes. By bike from Pisté's center take Calle 41A (Calzada de los Frailes), a street lined with colonial architecture. Go one block past the Templo de San Bernardino along Calle 54A, then make a right on Calle 49, which becomes Avenida de los Frailes and hits the old highway. Follow the ciclopista (bike path) paralleling the road to Mérida for about 3km, then turn left at the sign for Dzitnup and continue for just under 2km.

Shared colectivos also depart for Dzitnup.