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Archaeological Site in Tula

Zona Arqueológica

Two kilometers north of Tula's center, ruins of the main ancient ceremonial site are perched on a hilltop. The highlight is standing atop a pyramid, virtually face-to-face with Toltec warrior statues, with views ove…
Vegetarian in Tula


This simple vegetarian restaurant serves a generous menú del día that includes wholewheat bread, vegetable soup and a pitcher of oat milk. There’s also a selection of veggie burgers, taquitos, quesadillas (crisp-fri…
in Tula

Restaurant Casablanca

While admittedly rather sterile – even Sanbornsesque – Casablanca has a full menu of Mexican standards, a good buffet and wi-fi. Just off the zócalo, it’s one of the few sit-down options downtown, making it popular …
Mexican in Tula

Cocina Económica Las Cazuelas

Come here for an excellent menú del día (menu of the day) that includes your choice of soup, main dishes such as chiles rellenos (cheese-filled chilis) and milanesa, and agua (water flavored with fresh fruit). The u…
in Tula

Sala de Orientación Guadalupe Mastache

The Sala de Orientación Guadalupe Mastache is a small museum named after one of the archaeologists who pioneered excavations at Zona Arqueológica. It includes large items taken from the site, including some huge car…
Cathedral in Tula

Catedral de San José

Tula’s fortress-like cathedral, just off the zócalo, was part of the 16th-century monastery of San José. Inside, its vault ribs are decorated in gold.