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Cafe in Troncones

Café del Sol

With its North American breakfasts, smoothies, cappuccinos, book exchange, great pizzas and sandwiches, and Sunday football broadcasts, this cafe just north of the T-intersection is a real gringo magnet.
Argentine in Troncones

Roberto’s Bistro

Sizzling steaks and crashing waves create the stereophonic soundtrack at this Argentine-style beachfront grill, 1km south of the T-intersection. From chorizo starters to full-on feasts such as the parrillada argenti…
Fusion in Troncones

Jardín del Edén

Just north of Troncones Point, the French chef’s fusion menu ranges from Mediterranean to Pacific Rim to traditional Mexican fare. Nightly specials such as pizza, lasagna and cochinita pibil (Yucatán-style slow-roas…
Mexican in Troncones

Costa Brava

Keeping it real amid the gringo-izing of Troncones, this likable open-air restaurant is run by a local family, does a solid selection of seafood and other dishes, and mixes a great hit-the-spot michelada. It's by th…
Cafe in Troncones

Café Pacífico

This sweet, modern place does a very decent coffee and lip-smacking juices. Service is with a smile, and there are nice shady tables down the side alley to enjoy original breakfast omelettes, sandwiches and a range …