Boat in Chiapa de Corzo

Lancha to Cañón del Sumidero

The most impressive way to see the Cañón del Sumidero is from a lancha (motorboat) that speeds between the canyon’s towering rock walls. It’s about a two-hour return trip, starting at either Chiapa de Corzo or the E…
Bicycle Rental in Acapulco

Las Bicis de Aca

Cycling in chaotic Acapulco often feels like an adventure sport. Situated by the Futcenter sports complex at Parque Papagayo, almost opposite the giant flagpole.
Bicycle Rental in Mazatlán


Professional setup with city bikes and pricier hybrids. There's another branch by the Don Pelayo hotel near the Zona Dorada.
Taxi in Ruta del Vino & Valle de Guadalupe


Get an Uber driver to take you around the Valle de Guadalupe for the day from Ensenada or Tijuana. Prices vary depending on route and time spent.
Bicycle Rental in Mazatlán

Baikas Malecón Branch

Airport in Mexico City

Aeropuerto Internacional Benito Juárez

Mexico City’s only passenger airport, and Latin America’s largest, with an annual capacity of about 32 million passengers. The airport has two terminals, terminal 1 (the main terminal) and terminal 2 (located 3km fr…
Metro in Monterrey


Monterrey’s modern, efficient metro system Metrorrey currently consists of two lines. Elevated Línea 1 runs from the northwest of the city to the eastern suburbs, passing the Parque Fundidora. Línea 2 begins undergr…
Airport in Cancún

Aeropuerto Internacional de Cancún

Cancún is the busiest airport in southeast Mexico. It has all the services you would expect from a major international airport: ATMs, money exchange, car-rental agencies. It's served by many direct international fli…
Bicycle Hire in Guadalajara


Guadalajara's large-scale bike-sharing scheme MiBici was introduced in 2014 and now counts some 13,000 users. Most of its users are yearly (M$365) subscribers, but you can obtain a pase temporal (temporary pass) for…
Bus Station in Guadalajara

Antigua Central Camionera

Guadalajara’s old bus terminal is the Antigua Central Camionera, about 2km south of the cathedral near Parque Agua Azul. From here 2nd-class buses serve destinations within 100km of Guadalajara. There are two sides …