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Museum in Tlacotalpan

Museo Salvador Ferrando

The Ferrando, named for a Tlacotalpan artist, is the best of Tlacotalpan's handful of mini-museums. It displays assorted artifacts, furniture, paintings and other knickknacks within a charming old colonial mansion.
Museum in Tlacotalpan

Casa Museo Agustín Lara

This museum features memorabilia of tlacotalpeño Agustín Lara (1900–70), a legendary musician, composer and Casanova. Its appeal is perhaps greater to Mexicans than it is to foreign tourists.
Arts Center in Tlacotalpan

Casa de la Cultura Agustín Lara

This pink house displays art exhibits, plus holds folkloric dance rehearsals and jarocho music lessons. Much imitated, it was the first of its kind in Mexico when it opened in 1974.
Museum in Tlacotalpan

Mini-Zoológico Museo

Lovers of the utterly bizarre should hotfoot it to the home of Don Pío Barrán. He keeps several enormous crocodiles and a range of artifacts, including a locally excavated mastodon tooth and a sword that supposedly …
Gallery in Tlacotalpan

Villin Montalio

Tlacotalpan is well known for its locally made cedar furniture. Drop by this office/workshop to see it being made, and to see some of the finished products on display as well.
Cafe in Tlacotalpan

El K-Fecito

On the joining point of the two main plazas and serving great coffee, cakes and various simple snacks, El K-Fecito seems to have it all, and becomes packed in the late evening. The staff sometimes provides mosquito …
Mexican in Tlacotalpan

Restaurant Doña Lala

Easily the smartest eating option in town, this place inside the hotel of the same name has a friendly staff and is patronized by a crowd of local eccentrics who vie for the best seats on its terrace. The wide-rangi…
Mexican in Tlacotalpan


With its unbeatable position under the colonial arches on the Plaza Zaragoza, this friendly place with alfresco dining buzzes year-round. Mains range from fresh fish and prawns plucked from the river to meat grills …
Mexican in Tlacotalpan

Restaurant Colonial

This is the smartest place in town (OK, that's not saying a huge amount), where you'll find cocina típica with a focus on seafood and grilled meat. It's just a little up the hill from the ADO bus station (in the dir…
Religious in Tlacotalpan

Día de la Candelaria

In late January and early February, Tlacotalpan’s huge Candelaria festival features bull-running in the streets. An image of the Virgin is also floated down the river, followed by a flotilla of small boats.