Market in Tijuana

Mercado El Popo

El Popo is the most colorful downtown market, with stacks of fresh cheeses, sweets, wooden spoons, piles of dried chilies, kitchenware, herbs, incense, santeria, candles, love soaps, stacks of bundled cinnamon stick…
Market in Tijuana

Mecado Hidalgo

Tijuana's most well-known market is also one of the biggest and most visited by tourists. It's still a great place to peruse everything from exotic fruits to fresh pastries and colorful piñatas.
Market in Tijuana

Mercado Artesanias

This big market is a good stop for loading up on souvenirs with better prices than you'll find downtown. Find shopping bags, ceramics, art from around Mexico and leather direct from the makers. Of course you could a…
Jewelry in Tijuana


This place has fair silver prices that are already marked, plus the English-speaking owner is knowledgeable and not too pushy.
Department Store in Tijuana


This department store chain has a decent selection of newspapers and magazines from the USA and Mexico. Note the extended opening hours.