The Copper Canyon & Ferrocarril Chihuahua Pacífico restaurants

Top Choice Market in Divisadero

Mercado Divisidero

At the foot of the train station sits the Divisidero market with stall-upon-stall of eateries selling mostly tacos, burritos and gorditas (stuffed thick tortillas) filled with a huge variety of homemade goodness lik…
Top Choice Bistro in El Fuerte

SU-FÓ Sushi & Cocina Bistro

SU-FÓ serves up an eclectic menu of sushi rolls (all with signature cream cheese), rice bowls, hamburgers with hand-cut fries and even fancy chicken nuggets. Somehow it works – the place is hopping most nights. Seat…
Top Choice International in Areponápuchi

Restaurante Barranco

Built over a gob-smacking fissure in the canyon walls – and with floor-to-ceiling windows and plexiglass flooring to prove it – the views from this restaurant are jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Meals are generous with a g…
International in El Fuerte


A swanky restaurant within Torres del Fuerte hotel, Bonifacio's is the go-to for a special meal. Fine cuts of meat and lobina (black bass) are the specialties, though the traditional breakfasts and views of the lush…
Mexican in Urique

Restaurant Plaza

This excellent family-run restaurant offers fine food with real home-cooked flavor. The specialty is aguachile – a soupy, spicy shrimp cocktail full of onions and tomatoes served in a molcajete (traditional mortar a…
Mexican in Batopilas

Restaurant Carolina

Rifles on the walls, pickles in jars and local scenes captured in paintings sum up this family-run restaurant a block beyond Batopilas' main plaza. Choose between filling breakfasts (M$50 to M$90), delicious tacos (…
Tacos in El Fuerte

Taco Stands

A row of taco stands, set up in stand-alone concrete huts, do brisk business in all manner of grilled meats, from al pastor (seasoned pork) to cabeza (cow head; typically cheeks). Join the locals at a counter and or…
Bistro in Creel


Big sandwiches, made-to-order burgers and a huge variety of crepes are offered at this little bistro, just steps from the central plaza. Service can be somewhat abrupt, but the food more than makes up for it. Boxed …
Mexican in Areponápuchi

Cabañas Díaz Eatery

Tasty home-cooked meals are served at long communal tables at this family-run establishment. There's no menu, just a daily special, freshly made. Service is friendly and attentive. The most reliable place in the vil…
Mexican in Batopilas

Doña Mica

Run by Velia and her husband, this place hits the spot for hearty home-cooked meals. Served in the front room of their house, there’s usually no menu, just a few choices daily delivered in rapid-fire Spanish.