Tourist Information in Batopilas

Tourist Information Center

This small tourist information center in the town museum – a table with brochures and maps, more than anything – is a good place to start your visit. Rafael Ruelas, the director of the museum doubles as the director…
Tourist Information in Creel

Tourist Information Office

This office – more a desk in a public space – has brochures and maps. Staff is marginally helpful. Located on a small park, just south of the central plaza.
Tourist Information in El Fuerte

Tourist Information Kiosk

On the central plaza, this tourist kiosk offers brochures and maps of town. Guides linger nearby to offer tips and tours.
Police in Creel

Police Station

The police station is next to Creel's Palacio Municipal (city hall), facing the central plaza.
Tourist Information in Urique

Tourist Office

The town hall on the main street has a small, efficient tourist office.
Hospital in Creel

Unidad Medica Santa Teresita

Behind Casa Margarita, this clinic offers basic health-care services.
Bank in Creel


On the main drag, this bank has the only two ATMs in town.
Post in Creel

Post Office

The post office is on the central plaza.