Top Choice Museum in Tepic

Museo Regional de Nayarit

Set around the courtyard of an impressive magenta palacio (palace), this excellent museum has a beautifully presented selection of top-quality indigenous ceramics mostly sourced from burials from around 200 BC to AD…
in Tepic

Palacio de Gobierno

South of the Plaza Principal is the Palacio de Gobierno. Look inside to see some impressive and colorful murals. Painted by José Luis Soto and finished in 1999, they present a contemporary imagining of the history o…
in Tepic

Casa y Museo Amado Nervo

The Casa y Museo Amado Nervo celebrates the life of the preeminent 19th-century Mexican poet Amado Nervo, born here in 1870.
in Tepic

Casa Museo Juan Escutia

The Casa Museo Juan Escutia was the home of Juan Escutia, one of Mexico’s illustrious niños héroes (child heroes), who died at age 17 defending Mexico City’s Castillo de Chapultepec from US forces. Both Casa y Museo…
in Tepic

Museo de los Cuatro Pueblos

The Museo de los Cuatro Pueblos displays contemporary popular arts of Nayarit’s Huichol, Cora, Nahua and Tepehuano peoples, including clothing, yarn art, weaving, musical instruments, ceramics and beadwork.