Archaeological Site in Tehuantepec


This panoramic old hillside Zapotec stronghold was where King Cosijoeza fought off the Aztecs in 1496. It's 7km north of Hwy 190, from a turnoff just past Puente Las Tejas bridge 11km west of Tehuantepec. The last 2…
Historic Building in Tehuantepec

Ex-Convento Rey Cosijopí

This former Dominican monastery, built in the 16th century, is now Tehuantepec’s Casa de la Cultura, where arts and crafts workshops and activities are held. It bears traces of old frescoes, and some rooms hold mode…
Market in Tehuantepec


Tehuantepec’s dim indoor market is open daily on the west side of the plaza, and spills out into surrounding streets.