Top things to do in Tecolutla

Top Choice Seafood in Tecolutla

El Camarón Desvelado

The Sleepless Shrimp is the busiest of the seafood restaurants in town, briskly serving platters of arroz a la tumbada (seafood rice with a tomato base), garlic shrimp, octopus in its own ink and fish stuffed with s…
Street Food in Tecolutla

Taquería Los Jairos

Perch at one of the plastic tables at this bustling taco joint, order a plate of tacos pastór (with shawarma-like pork), cabeza (with cow head meat) or suadero (cut of beef between the belly and the leg), slather so…
Coffee in Tecolutla

Porteño Café

This handy town center cafe serves a full range of lecheros (coffee with milk), espressos, lattes and cappucinos, as well as frappés and iced coffees for those hot days at the beach. Coffee's the draw here, but ther…
Beach in Tecolutla

Playa Tecolutla

Stretching for miles, this black-sand beach is extremely popular with Mexican holidaymakers. On weekends and holidays it's packed with families picnicking on plastic chairs by the water, buying snacks from wandering…
Seafood in Tecolutla

Restaurante El Cotarro

It may not keep up with the kitschy sea-themed decor of most of its neighbors, but El Cotarro’s food is fresh and inexpensive. The mojarra al ajo is a freshly caught tilapia drenched in garlic.