Tapachula Region attractions

Archaeological Site in Tapachula Region

Izapa Ruins

The small and peaceful pre-Hispanic ruins at Izapa contain three groups of ruins. The northern group (Grupo F) is on the left side of the road if you’re arriving from Tapachula – watch for the low pyramid mounds; yo…
Cathedral in Tapachula


Tapachula's stately cathedral overlooks the western edge of the plaza.
Historic Building in Santo Domingo, Unión Juárez & Volcán Tacaná

Centro Ecoturístico Santo Domingo

The village’s gorgeous three-story wooden 1920s casa grande (big house) has been restored. It belonged to the German immigrants who formerly owned the coffee plantation here, but it’s now the Centro Ecoturístico San…
Plaza in Tapachula

Parque Bicentenario

Tapachula's secondary plaza is a quiet, though not espically attractive, spot that has fountains lining the main walkways and some shady spots for watching the world go by.
Plaza in Tapachula

Parque Hidalgo

Tapachula’s heart is the large, lively Parque Hidalgo, with vistas of the towering 4100m cone of Volcán Tacaná to the north on clear days.
Monument in Tapachula

Monumento a Benito Juárez

A monument paying homage to the liberal ex-president sits beside the Cathedral.
Notable Building in Tapachula

Palacio Municipal

Tapachula's squat town hall sits at the northern end of the plaza.