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Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Tamaulipas

Matamoros’ excellent Museo de Arte Contem poráneo de Tamaulipas showcases quality exhibitions of photography, sculpture and painting. The building itself is a landmark modernist structure with a maze-like interior a…
Museum in Tamaulipas

Museo Tamux

The Museo Tamux is an excellent interactive natural history museum covering everything from asteroids to cloning to dinosaurs, including some cool replica fossils. The big orange ball is a planetarium, and there’s a…
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Centro Cultural Tamaulipas

The art gallery in the Centro Cultural Tamaulipas brings in temporary exhibits from a variety of Mexican artists. Also worthy on the art front is the large mural showing the history of Tamaulipas in the lobby of the…
Museum in Tamaulipas

Museo Regional de Historia de Tamaulipas

The Museo Regional de Historia de Tamaulipas, in a lovely yellow building formerly inhabited by nuns and the army, does a good job tracing the state’s history. Even if you don’t speak Spanish, stop by to see the lar…
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Puente Nuevo