Mexican in Ciudad del Carmen

Café La Fuente

This classic, open-fronted waterfront cafe is a busy gathering place for families and friends. It’s an excellent spot to sample treats such as pibipollo (chicken tamales) and arrachera encebollado (marinated flank s…
Seafood in Champotón

El Timón Restaurant & Bar

One of town's smarter bar-restaurants, this large, modern spot is the place to munch on camarones (shrimp) on a deck jutting over the water. It also has a huge range of salads and meat dishes. Or just settle for the…
Seafood in Ciudad del Carmen

Restaurante El Marino

This large, open-air restaurant overlooks the water and affords terrific views of the Zacatal Bridge and local bird life – there's even occasional faraway dolphin-spotting. Choose from seafood cocktails, fried fish,…
Italian in Ciudad del Carmen

Il Giglio

A classic, old-time, elegant Italian restaurant with checkered floor tiles that has a good reputation for genuine cuisine, including pasta dishes and seafood plates…just like an Italian mamma would make.
Seafood in Champotón


A clean, modern and family-friendly seafood restaurant on the coastal road about 2km from the market.