Cafe in Todos Santos

Caffé Todos Santos

Coffee-conscious travelers can consume cappuccinos with savory pastries, mammoth muffins or great main dishes.
Cafe in Mulegé

Rice & Beans

Pesos go a long way at this clean little joint serving cheap breakfasts, comidas corridas (set lunches), stuffed potatoes and excellent tortas (sandwiches).
Cafe in Guerrero Negro

Caprichos Coffee House

Lattes, pies, pastries and occasional impromptu salsa performances make this small cafe well worth a stop.
Cafe in Loreto

Café Olé

This inexpensive cafe near the main square has good, basic fare, including great Mexican breakfasts.
Cafe in Los Barriles

Caleb’s Cafe

This delightful, American-run cafe is famed for its gooey, buttery sticky buns. Other favorites include zucchini bread and carrot cake, while breakfasts are healthy and hearty (think broccoli scrambled eggs and feta…
Cafe in Todos Santos

La Esquina

The best part about finding La Esquina is that you get to say ‘Where is Casa Dracula?’ and nobody will look at you strangely (La Esquina is on the opposite corner). A 15-minute walk from the town center will bring y…