Mexico is more broad-minded about sexuality than many might expect. LGBTIQ+ travelers rarely attract open discrimination or violence, though it's still uncommon to see open same-sex affection in the smaller rural towns. Public displays of affection, even between heterosexual couples, are uncommon in countryside Yucatán, so same-sex affection may raise an eyebrow.

Discrimination based on sexual orientation has been illegal since 1999 and can be punished with up to three years in prison. Gay men have a more public profile than lesbians. Cancún has a small gay scene, and there are a number of gay-friendly establishments in Mérida listed at

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In general, LGBT+ travelers will not have problems finding accommodations in Yucatán, nor do they have to seek out gay-friendly locales – any listing will welcome you.


Particularly in the Riviera Maya, LGBT+ diners are common and dining with your same-sex spouse, partner or significant other will not cause heads to turn. (In fact, if two guys or two women are dining together, the reverse may be true: the waitstaff may assume you're a couple even if you're not!)


Mérida hosts a fun, well-attended gay pride parade every summer.

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