Museum in Cuernavaca

Museo Robert Brady

Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to be independently wealthy and spend their life traveling around the world collecting art for their lavish Mexican mansion? If that option isn’t open to you, visit this museum – eas…
Church in Cuernavaca

Recinto de la Catedral

Cuernavaca’s cathedral stands in a large high-walled recinto (compound) – the entrance gate is on Hidalgo. The cathedral was built in a grand, fortress-like style in an effort to impress, intimidate and defend again…
Gardens in Cuernavaca

Jardín Borda

Beside the 1784 Parroquia de Guadalupe, this extravagant property, inspired by Versailles, features gardens formally laid out in a series of terraces with paths, steps and fountains. Duck into the house to get an id…
Museum in Cuernavaca

Museo Regional Cuauhnáhuac

The Palacio de Cortés houses this excellent museum, which has two floors of exhibits highlighting Mexican cultures and history. On the ground floor, exhibits focus on pre-Hispanic cultures, including the local Tlahu…
Notable Building in Taxco

Casa Borda

Built by José de la Borda in 1759, the Casa Borda serves as a cultural center hosting experimental theater and exhibiting contemporary sculpture, painting and photography by Guerrero artists. The building, however, …
Gallery in Cuernavaca

Centro Cultural Muros

The city’s best art gallery, the Centro Cultural Muros is home to restored murals from Cuernavaca’s Hotel Casino de la Selva, and a private collection of more than 320 paintings, sculptures, videos and photographs. …
Museum in Taxco

Museo de Arte Virreinal

This charming, rather ragtag religious-art museum is housed in a wonderful old house. It hosts a small but well-displayed collection of art, which is labeled in English and Spanish. The most interesting exhibit desc…
Museum in Cuautla

Museo de la Lucha para la Tierra

In Anenecuilco, 6km south of Cuautla, what’s left of the adobe cottage where Zapata was born (on August 8, 1879) is now the Museo de la Lucha para la Tierra. There is an impressive mural here of Zapata.
Museum in Cuautla

Cuartel General de Zapata

Tlaltizapán is the site of the excellent Cuartel General de Zapata, the main barracks of the revolutionary forces. Here, see Zapata’s rifle (the trigger retains his fingerprints), the bed where he slept and the outf…
Museum in Tepoztlán

Museo de Arte Prehispánico Carlos Pellicer

Behind the Dominican church, this archaeology museum has a small but interesting collection of pieces from around the country, donated by Tabascan poet Carlos Pellicer Cámara. The objects on display, a mix of human …