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Cultural & Theme Tours

Cuernavaca and Taxco with Lunch

Departure towards Taxco, visiting on the way: Cuernavaca, the city of bougainvillea or the "eternal spring" due to its warm climate. Visit to the Cathedral, built as a mission in the year 1552, one of the oldest in the country and representative of the age of the Viceroyalty; and a panoramic view of the Palace of Cortés, ordered to build by Hernán Cortés in the years immediately following the conquest of Mexico. Arrival at the magical town of Taxco, picturesque colonial town and mining located on a hill with winding cobblestone streets, cozy squares, houses of reddish tiles and a strong old world ambience which has survived through hundreds of years. It is famous for its silver handicrafts. Visit to the Church of Santa Prisca, one of the largest in Mexico, built in 1759 by the french immigrant José de la Borda. Time to visit their stores.
9 hours
Outdoor Activities

Day Tour: Canyoning at Mil Cascadas from Cuernavaca

This is a canyoning adventure in a beautiful location surrounded by plenty of turquoise waterfalls. Enjoy a 35 m rappel in the main waterfall and then jump into 8 different water pools.
8 hours