Food & Drinks in Puerto Peñasco

Tequila Factory

Despite it's name, this family-owned shop doesn't produce any tequila on site, but it does offer informative and fun presentations on tequila production. Tastings of its artisanal tequilas are part of the experience…
Drinks in San Cristóbal de las Casas


Pick up a bottle of artisanal pox (pronounced 'posh'; alcohol made from sugarcane) infused with honey, chocolate or fruits like nanche (a sweet, yellow fruit). Definitely not what the common folk are drinking, since…
Food in Ocosingo

Fábrica de Quesos Santa Rosa

Ocosingo is known for its queso amarillo (yellow cheese). There are nine main types sold by this cheesemaker, including ‘de bola,’ which comes in 1kg balls with an edible wax coating and a crumbly, whole-fat center.…
Food & Drinks in Mazamitla

Casa Chávez

Mazamitla sports an interesting take on the Swiss alpine theme and you’ll see small storefronts including this one selling fruit preserves, cheeses, rompope (a local eggnog-like alcoholic drink) and cajeta (goat’s m…
Drinks in Tequila

Maestro Tequilero

This lovely shop is partly a hacienda museum with old farm implements, some ancient machinery and a beautiful old tahona (bullock-powered stone mill). Along with a comprehensive selection of José Cuervo tequilas, yo…
Drinks in Ensenada

Tequila Room

The Irish-Mexican owner is passionate about tequila, but you won't find any of the more commercial brands here; these are sourced from all over Mexico. Even if you don't fancy a tipple (tastings are free), you can a…
Food in Guanajuato


This chocoholic's nirvana sells delectable handmade chocolates of pure cocoa with natural flavors and not a trans fat in sight. Quirkier fillings include chapulines (grasshoppers), gusanos (caterpillars) and nopal (…
Drinks in Cancún

La Europea

A gourmet liquor store with reasonable prices, knowledgeable staff and the best booze selection in town, including top-shelf tequilas and mezcals. Most airlines allow you to travel with up to 3L of alcohol, but chec…
Drinks in Oaxaca City

Unión de Palenqueros de Oaxaca

This hole-in-the-wall place is the outlet for a group of small-scale mezcal producers from Santiago Matatlán. It has excellent and very well-priced reposado, pechuga and smoky añejo varieties.
Food in Comala

La Macadamia

Some people come to this shop on the main square to buy macadamia nuts and assorted products made from same. We, however, come for one of its naturally flavored popsicles/ice lollies – especially the avocado one.