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Archaeological Site in San Pablo Villa de Mitla

Ancient Mitla

Second only to Monte Albán in their importance, though not as old, the ruins of ancient Mitla date from the final two or three centuries before the Spanish conquest in the 1520s, and comprise what was probably the m…
Oaxacan in San Pablo Villa de Mitla

Restaurante Doña Chica

If you're hungry after viewing the Mitla ruins, fret not. Bright Doña Chica serves delicious Oaxacan dishes like moles, enchiladas and tasajo (thin grilled slices of beef) from an open kitchen. Good soups, antojitos…
Oaxacan in San Pablo Villa de Mitla

La Choza del Chef

A large restaurant housed in an opened-sided structure on the main highway that is popular with tour buses (this is where you'll probably end up if you're on a tour). The extravagant buffet touts numerous Oaxacan sp…