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Top Choice Spanish in San Luis Potosí

La Gran Vía

Notes of expensive perfume mingle with the aromas of paella, lechón asado (roasted piglet) and cod fish – just a few of the dishes on this culinary institution's extensive menu. Great for a special meal out.
Top Choice Mexican in San Luis Potosí

Cafe Cortáo

Sí. This simple spot is our top pick. It's the perfect example of a local eatery that serves up lashings of quality Mexican meals to a local crowd – from business folk, to ladies who lunch, to those on a budget. All…
Mexican in San Luis Potosí

Café Tokio

This bright and sizeable cafe has Japanese owners but Mexican and fast-food standards. Popular for a cheap set lunch and breakfast deals.
Cafe in San Luis Potosí


The best ice creamery and cafe for good-quality snacks and surveying the local scene.
Mexican in San Luis Potosí

Antojitos El Pozole

The is the place for the local enchiladas potosinas – the tortilla dough is red from chili. This place was started by a woman selling antojitos (Mexican snacks) in her home in the 1980s. Demand for her goods was so …
Mexican in San Luis Potosí

El México de Frida

Although it's painted with Kahlo-esque colors and theme, this restaurant is not Frida-kitsch. Rather, the tasteful and tasty menu serves up scrumptious Mexican fare. Try the chiles ventilla, chilies with cheese and …
Museum in San Luis Potosí

Museo del Virreinato

Beside the Templo del Carmen, this museum has a large collection of paintings and artifacts from the Spanish vice-regency. More of interest might be its temporary exhibitions – check what's on.
Museum in San Luis Potosí

Museo Federico Silva

This museum should not be missed. The original 17th-century building on the north side of San Luis Potosí's Jardín de San Juan del Dios was once a hospital and later a school under el porfiriato (the Porfiriato peri…
Museum in San Luis Potosí

Museo Nacional de la Máscara

Displays an interesting collection of ceremonial masks from across Mexico and around the world. There are good descriptions in English and interesting videos of dances performed during festivals in communities.
Museum in San Luis Potosí

Museo Othóniano

Behind the cathedral, this museum is the birthplace of much-celebrated Mexican poet, Manuel José Othón (1858–1906). The 19th-century home is furnished in period style and exhibits Othón's manuscripts and personal ef…