Top Choice Mexican in San Luis Potosí

Cafe Cortáo

This simple spot is our top pick as it's the perfect example of a fuss-free local that serves up lashings of quality Mexican meals to an appreciative crowd. All done with efficient service and a warm welcome from a …
Mexican in San Luis Potosí

Antojitos El Pozole

The is the place for the local enchiladas potosinas – the tortilla dough is red from chili. This place was started by a woman selling antojitos (Mexican snacks) in her home in the 1980s. Demand for her goods was so …
International in San Luis Potosí

La Oruga y La Cebada

The caterpillar and the barley is a large and hugely popular restaurant divided between the downstairs dining room, dominated by a normally busy bar, and the upstairs roof terrace complete with retractable roof. The…
Mexican in Real de Catorce

Mesón de Abundancia

There are several cozy eating areas at the restaurant in this hugely atmospheric hotel, one with a bar and fireplace. The hearty servings of Italian and Mexican dishes are delicious and its wood-fired oven pizza is …
International in San Luis Potosí

Cielo Tinto

Generally held to be San Luis Potosí's best restaurant, the 'red sky' is an attractive upscale place housed in a renovated hacienda with a beautiful courtyard. The menu is international and runs from skilfully prese…
Pub Food in Ciudad Valles

La Borrasca

This relaxed (sometimes rather too relaxed) pub does tasty Mexican food, including a good steak and numerous taco and enchilada iterations. There's also fish 'n' chips and a burger on the menu, as well as a number o…
Mexican in Ciudad Valles

La Leyenda

This rather dark but mercifully air-conditioned restaurant is housed in a ranch-like building where smart and attentive staff work hard for their tips. The meaty menu is pure Mexican, with tasty tacos, enchiladas an…
Spanish in San Luis Potosí

La Gran Vía

Notes of expensive perfume mingle with the aromas of paella, lechón asado (roasted piglet) and cod fish – just a few of the dishes on this culinary institution's extensive menu. Great for a special meal out.
Mexican in Xilitla


There are wonderful views over the town and distant hills from this place's large terrace. Inside you'll find two brightly colored dining rooms and friendly staff working hard serving up Mexican dishes of all types,…
Mexican in San Luis Potosí

Rincon Huasteco

Distinctly different flavors from the Huasteca Potosina are on offer here. Try the likes of zacahuil (a giant tamale cooked for 12 hours), cabuches (catcus flowers) and queso de guaje (cheese filled with, um, more c…