Top things to do in San Juan Chamula

Top Choice Church in San Juan Chamula

Templo de San Juan

Standing beside the main plaza, Chamula’s main church is a ghostly white, with a vividly painted arch of green and blue. Inside the darkened sanctuary, hundreds of flickering candles, clouds of copal incense, and wo…
Carnival in San Juan Chamula


During Carnaval, groups of minstrels stroll the roads in tall, pointed hats with long, colored tassels, strumming guitars and chanting. Much pox, an alcoholic drink made from sugarcane, is drunk. Festivities also ma…
Religious in San Juan Chamula

Fiesta de San Juan Bautista

Up to 20,000 people gather to dance and drink.
Cultural in San Juan Chamula

Change of Cargo-Holders

The annual rotation of the honored (but expensive) community leadership positions known as cargos.