Fashion & Accessories in San José del Cabo

Antigua Los Cabos

Small selection of women's handbags, fine tequilas (you can taste 'em, too) and traditional handicrafts.
Art in San José del Cabo

Cochi Art Gallery

Eye-catching paintings and sculpture by an Oaxacan artist.
Ceramics in San José del Cabo


One of the longest-established ceramic stores in town, Necri also sells pewter pieces, original Talavera jewelry and mainland crafts.
Art in San José del Cabo

Old Town Gallery

Duck into this gallery to view the distinct different styles of seven Canadian artists, most of whom are local residents.
Arts & Crafts in San José del Cabo

La Sacristia

This multigallery space showcases art and crafts from throughout Mexico. Don't miss the rainbow-colored beaded animal sculptures made by the mainland Mexican Huichol tribe.
Arts & Crafts in San José del Cabo


San José is a veritable museum of contemporary painters, and browsing its galleries - whether you intend to buy or not - is a highlight. Corsica features works by some of Mexico's top artists. This is one to po…
Food & Drinks in San José del Cabo


Bring home some fresh traditional sweets such as ground, sweetened semilla de calabaza (squash seeds), tamarindo con chile (tamarind paste with chile), pepitorias (brittle sesame and peanut bars), candied limes, jam…
in San José del Cabo

Librería de Cristal

A small bookstore with items in English and Spanish.