Aguas Termales Rekowata

Thermal Baths in San Ignacio de Arareko

These hot springs, averaging about 37°C (98.6°F), are channeled into modern-day pools near the bottom of the Barranca de Tarárecua. To get here, follow a signposted dirt road for 11km from the Creel–Divisadero Hwy to the parking lot. From there, it's a 3km hike down a rough cobblestone track to the blissfully warm bathing pools. Vans (M$60 one way) shuttle visitors from the parking lot; otherwise it’s a beautiful walk down and a sweaty one back up. Weekends get busy.

There's also a superb mountain bike trail to Rekowata. This route initially takes the Cusárare road, but then heads off-road down tracks to the right (south) near San Ignacio. You pass through a scenic river valley then an utterly astonishing canyon viewpoint before beginning a steep descent to Rekowata. It's a full-day return-trip ride; 3 Amigos can provide a map.

Admission to the hot springs is included in the entrance fee to San Ignacio ejido – be sure to save your ticket!