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Top Choice Waterfall in San Andrés Tuxtla

Salto de Eyipantla

Twelve kilometers southeast of San Andrés, in the eponymous village, a 250-step staircase leads down to the absolutely spectacular Salto de Eyipantla, a 50m-high, 40m-wide waterfall. To avoid the steps (and a soakin…
Top Choice Street Food in San Andrés Tuxtla

Mr Taco Segovia

Satisfying late-night munchies for over 20 years, this taco stand is a study in nose-to-tail eating, Mexico-style. Watch the guys fry up the tortillas and top them with suadero (cut of beef from between the belly an…
Cafe in San Andrés Tuxtla


Join the rest of San Andrés on the corner of the main plaza and sip an espresso while munching on a plate of eggs – cooked a dozen ways – some chilaquiles (tortilla strips with salsa and fresh cheese) or other mains…
Factory in San Andrés Tuxtla

Santa Clara Cigar Factory

Watch and inhale as the puros are speedily rolled by hand at this cigar factory, on the highway, a block or so from the bus station. Cigars of assorted shapes and sizes, including the monstrous Magnum, are available…
Mexican in San Andrés Tuxtla


This is a locals’ favorite for grabbing a traditional Mexican meal or munching antojitos.