Must-see restaurants in Mexico

  • Coffee Hour

    A young crowd, good tunes, high-speed wi-fi and great coffee equals the perfect coffee house in our book. Bagels and baked goods are from M$45.

  • SF Shakers

    A touristy restaurant-bar serving up buckets of beer along with familiar North American and Mexican fare such as ribs, burgers and tacos.

  • El Horno Mágico

    For picnic fixings or a tasty snack, scoop up some crusty French breads (the pecan is divine), chocolate croissants or a savory pastry.

  • Comedor

    The community-run beach comedor is good for breakfast and lunch. Try its excellent sopa de mariscos (seafood soup).

  • Las Delicias

    On the plaza-facing veranda of the Hotel Central, this restaurant has big portions and good breakfasts and brilliant people watching.

  • Mercado de la Rotonda

    Located at the north end of Revolución, this untouristed market has several basic eateries offering regional food on the cheap.

  • Las Acamallas

    Just off the main square, two-tiered Las Acamallas is a sure bet for breakfast, enchiladas and chicken cooked a dozen ways.

  • Petit Four

    A wonderful place to get your sugar hit: French pastries that you can enjoy in a cozy environment over tea and coffee.

  • Miramar

    Try the delicious crispy shrimp served in a coconut (M$130) at this large fan-cooled eatery on the plaza's west side.

  • Mercado El Nigromante

    This has good produce stands and market cafes. It’s centrally located, but light years away from the gringo scene.

  • Super Willy’s

    Near the plaza, Super Willy’s is a small supermarket with a big variety of groceries and household items.

  • Caffé Todos Santos

    Coffee-conscious travelers can consume cappuccinos with savory pastries, mammoth muffins or great main dishes.

  • K'puchinos

    Handily located on the plaza, this reliable place caters to hungry souls for any Mexican meal of the day.

  • Caprichos Coffee House

    Lattes, pies, pastries and occasional impromptu salsa performances make this small cafe well worth a stop.

  • Pelicano's

    This clean, modern, family-friendly seafood restaurant is on the coastal road about 2km from the market.

  • Casa de Café

    A cute, cozy place with a community feel, delicious sandwiches, good coffee and freshly baked cakes.