Argentine in Troncones

Roberto’s Bistro

Sizzling steaks and crashing waves create the stereophonic soundtrack at this Argentine-style beachfront grill, 1km south of the T-intersection. From chorizo starters to full-on feasts such as the parrillada argenti…
Argentine in Veracruz City


Owned by a retired Argentine football player, this upscale restaurant has a great seafront position and specializes in rib-eye steaks. There are also Mexican and Spanish influences on the extensive menu, but regular…
Peruvian in San Miguel de Allende

La Parada

This hot spot showcases Peruvian cuisine at its best. Dish presentation is as exquisite as the names ('El Quiquiriquí', aka chicken breast and 'Chino Cochino' pork, but much fancier). And of course, the ubiquitous (…
Argentine in Mexico City

Gotan Restaurante

One of the best and most authentic Argentine restaurants in town, owned by a kind Buenos Aires native and her Mexican husband. It's all about the details here: bread is baked daily and the meats and other key ingred…
South American in Playa del Carmen

Kaxapa Factory

The specialty at this Venezuelan restaurant on the park is arepa, a delicious corn flatbread stuffed with your choice of shredded beef, chicken or beans and plantains. There are many vegetarian and gluten-free optio…
Argentine in Ajijic

Ajijic Tango

Ajijic’s most beloved restaurant is never less than packed with locals, tourists and expats alike, all here to enjoy the excellent steaks (it is an Argentinian restaurant after all). The rest of the food, though, ca…
Colombian in Mexico City


The background music of accordion-driven vallenatos (folk music) sets a feel-good mood at this popular Colombian comfort-food restaurant. Colombian expats go straight for the sancocho and ajiaco dishes, hearty stews…
Argentine in Playa del Carmen

El Diez

In a loving nod to soccer legend Diego Maradona, who wore the number diez (10), El Diez serves up pizzas and parrilladas (Argentine-style barbecues) just the way the Diego likes them. The outside seating on La Nueva…
Argentine in Monterrey


Slick Argentine restaurant with a good wine cellar, scrumptious pizza and tender hunks of beef.