in Inland Michoacán

Red Star Café

On the plaza, expat-run Red Star Café is the weekend spot for coffee, free-range omelets, art and international lefty chatter.
Seafood in Yucatán State & the Maya Heartland

Muelle de Sisal

East of the pier, stop here for the best lunch in town and soak up the sun on a quiet white-sand beach.
in Baja California

Doña Chuy

This has great cheap eats, such as tortas and quesadillas, near the bus station.
in East of Mexico City

La Lonja Restaurant Bar

La Lonja Restaurant Bar is an inelegant but beloved sidewalk café, where crowds of well-to-do tehuacanenses come as much for socializing and drinking cocktails as they do for the extensive, but unexciting, selection…