Church in Real de Catorce

Templo de la Purísima Concepción

This charming church is an impressive neoclassical building where thousands of Mexican pilgrims descend annually in a pilgrimage to the supposedly miraculous image of St Francis of Assisi, displayed at the front of …
Museum in Real de Catorce

Centro Cultural de Real de Catorce

Opposite the Templo de la Purísima Concepción's facade, the Centro Cultural de Real de Catorce, the old mint, made coins for 14 months (1,489,405 pesos to be exact) in the mid-1860s. This classic monument has been e…
Church in Real de Catorce

Capilla de Guadalupe

This fine old 19th-century church has an interesting interior of once-glorious but now very faded and decaying frescoes.
Monument in Real de Catorce

Palenque de Gallos

A block northwest of Plaza Hidalgo, lies a monument to the town's heyday – the Palenque de Gallos, a cockfighting ring, built like a Roman amphitheater in 1863 and replacing the original structure that had been here…
Historic Building in Real de Catorce

Plaza de Toros

It doesn't get much more cowboy than this: on the outskirts of Real de Catorce you can wander in the remains of a former bullring. You'll have to use your imagination a bit, but this is the real thing.
Gallery in Real de Catorce

Galería Vega m57

Real's only dedicated art gallery hosts exhibitions and installations of contemporary work in a variety of media in a restored colonial building.