A travel-insurance policy to cover theft, loss and medical problems is a good idea. Some policies specifically exclude dangerous activities such as scuba diving and motorcycling.

Mexican medical treatment is generally inexpensive for common illnesses and minor treatment, but if you suffer some serious medical problem, you might want to find a private hospital or fly out for treatment. Travel insurance typically covers the costs but make sure the policy includes such things as ambulances and emergency flights home.

Some US health insurance policies stay in effect (at least for a limited time) if you travel abroad, but it’s worth checking exactly what you’ll be covered for in Mexico.

You might prefer a policy that pays medical costs directly rather than requiring you to pay on the spot and claim later. If you have to claim later, keep all documentation. There is a wide variety of policies; check the small print.

Worldwide medical insurance for travelers is available online at You can buy, extend and claim online anytime – even if you’re already on the road.

Checking insurance quotes…