Top Choice Museum in Querétaro


The first of its kind in the world, this extraordinary museum is the labor of love of its owner Señor Landin, whose family has been producing calendars in Mexico for decades. There are two parts to the museum: 19 ex…
Museum in Querétaro

Museo Regional

This museum is beside the Templo de San Francisco. The ground floor holds interesting exhibits on pre-Hispanic Mexico, archaeological sites, Spanish occupation and the state's various indigenous groups. The upstairs…
Church in Querétaro

Templo y Convento de la Santa Cruz

Ten minutes' walk east of the center of Querétaro is one of the city's most interesting sights. The convent was built between 1654 and about 1815 on the site of a battle in which a miraculous appearance of Santiago …
Museum in Querétaro

Museo de Arte de Querétaro

Querétaro's art museum, located adjacent to the Templo de San Agustín, occupies a splendid baroque monastery built between 1731 and 1748. It's worth visiting to see the building alone: angels, gargoyles, statues and…
Theater in Querétaro

Teatro de la República

This lovely, old functioning theater, complete with impressive chandeliers, was where a tribunal met in 1867 to decide the fate of Emperor Maximilian. Mexico's constitution was also signed here on January 31, 1917. …
Church in Querétaro

Templo de Santa Rosa de Viterbo

The 18th-century Templo de Santa Rosa de Viterbo is Querétaro's most splendid baroque church, with its pagoda-like bell tower, unusual exterior paintwork, curling buttresses and lavishly gilded and marbled interior.…
Church in Querétaro

Templo de San Francisco

This impressive church fronts Jardín Zenea. Pretty colored tiles on the dome were brought from Spain in 1540, around the time construction of the church began. Inside are some fine religious paintings from the 17th,…
House in Querétaro

Casa de la Zacatecana

This is a finely restored 17th-century home with a lovely collection of 18th- and 19th-century furniture and decorations (and its own murder mystery – skeletons were discovered in the basement).
Museum in Querétaro

Museo de la Restauración de la República

If you can read Spanish or are a real history buff, this museum covers Querétaro's role in Mexico's history, particularly the French occupation and the eventual ousting of Emperor Maximilian.
Mausoleum in Querétaro

Mausoleo de la Corregidora

The Mausoleo de la Corregidora, opposite the mirador, is the resting place of doña Josefa Ortiz and her husband, Miguel Domínguez de Alemán.