Bus in Puerto Escondido

Villa Escondida

Vans to Oaxaca (M$200) hourly from 3:30am to 9:30pm, and at 11pm. Has another office in Terminal Turística. Vans call at both.
Bus in Puerto Escondido

Express Service

Vans to Oaxaca (M$220) hourly from 4am to 5pm, and at 8pm, 10pm, 11pm and 11:30pm. Office and departure in Terminal Turística
Car Rental in Puerto Escondido

Los Tres Reyes

Rents saloon cars from M$800 per day. The office is on the highway above Colonia Santa María, just up from Playa Zicatela. It has an airport office too.
Airline in Puerto Escondido


Flies 13-seat Cessnas daily to/from Oaxaca (M$2210). Flights are sometimes rescheduled at short notice.
Airline in Puerto Escondido


Budget airline flying daily to/from Mexico City. Flights bought in advance can cost less than M$750.
Car Rental in Puerto Escondido


Rents cars from M$499 per day, scooters from M$150 per day, and bicycles from M$40 per day.
Bus Station in Puerto Escondido

Terminal Turística

In the upper part of town; used by AltaMar (1st class) and Turistar (deluxe).
Bus Station in Puerto Escondido

OCC Bus Terminal

Used by OCC 1st-class and Sur and AU 2nd-class services.
Airport in Puerto Escondido


Three kilometers west of the center on Hwy 200.
Airline in Puerto Escondido


Up to three daily flights to/from Mexico City.