The Zona Esmeralda, 2km west of the zócalo, is a stretch of Avenida Juárez with chichi boutiques, upscale restaurants and trendy nightclubs.


For quirky antique stores, head to Callejón de los Sapos, around the corner of Avenida 5 Oriente and Calle 6 Sur. Most shops open from 10am to 7pm. On Saturday and Sunday, there is a lively outdoor antiques market here and at the Plazuela de los Sapos from 11am to 5pm.


A number of shops along Avenida 6 Oriente, to the east of Avenida 5 de Mayo, sell traditional handmade Puebla sweets such as camotes (candied sweet-potato sticks) and jamoncillos (bars of pumpkin-seed paste).


Puebla has plenty of shops selling the colorful, hand-painted ceramics known as Talavera. There are several good stores on Plazuela de los Sapos and the streets around it. Designs reveal Asian, Spanish-Arabic and Mexican indigenous influences. Bigger pieces are expensive, delicate and difficult to transport.