Notable Building in Puebla

Casa de la Cultura

Occupying the entire block facing the south side of the cathedral, the former bishop’s palace is a classic 17th-century brick-and-tile edifice that now houses government offices, the Casa de la Cultura and the State…
Museum in Puebla

Museo de la Revolución

This pockmarked 19th-century house was the scene of the first battle of the 1910 Revolution. The house retains its bullet holes and some revolutionary memorabilia, including a room dedicated to female insurgents.
Cathedral in Puebla


Puebla’s impressive cathedral, which appears on Mexico’s M$500 bill, occupies the entire block south of the zócalo. Its architecture is a blend of severe Herreresque-Renaissance and early baroque styles. Constructio…
Museum in Puebla

Museo Casa del Alfeñique

This renovated colonial house is an outstanding example of the over-the-top 18th-century decorative style alfeñique, characterized by elaborate stucco ornamentation and named after a candy made from sugar and egg wh…
Museum in Puebla

Museo Amparo

This superb private museum, housed in two linked 16th- and 17th-century colonial buildings, is loaded with pre-Hispanic artifacts. Displayed with explanatory information sheets in English and Spanish, the collection…
Church in Puebla

Templo de San Francisco

The north doorway of this church is a good example of 16th-century plateresque; the tower and fine brick-and-tile facade were added in the 18th century. In the north chapel is the mummified body of San Sebastián de …
Museum in Puebla

Museo del Ferrocarril

This excellent railway museum is housed in Puebla’s former train station and the spacious grounds surrounding it, and has activities for kids. There are ancient steam-powered monsters through to relatively recent pa…
Museum in Puebla

Museo José Luis Bello y González

This house is filled with the diverse art-and-crafts collection of the 19th-century industrialist Bello family who lived here. It's a treasure trove for fans of exquisite French, English, Japanese and Chinese porcel…
Museum in Puebla

Museo Poblano de Arte Virreinal

Opened in 1999, this top-notch museum is housed in the 16th-century Hospital de San Pedro. Galleries display excellent contemporary art and a fascinating permanent exhibit on the hospital’s history.
Library in Puebla

Biblioteca Palafoxiana

Situated above the Casa de la Cultura, Biblioteca Palafoxiana houses thousands of rare books, including the 1493 Nuremberg Chronicle, with more than 2000 engravings.