Bus Station in Palenque

Línea Comitán Lagos de Montebello

Línea Comitán Lagos de Montebello, west of Palenque market, runs hourly vans to Benemérito de las Américas (M$130) 10 times daily (3:30am to 2:45pm), with most continuing around the Carretera Fronteriza to the Lagos…
Bus Station in Palenque

Vans to Carretera Fronteriza destinations & Pico de Oro

Many combis for destinations along the Carretera Fronteriza (including Lacanjá Chansayab, Bonampak, Yaxchilán and Benemérito de las Américas) and for Pico de Oro leave from an outdoor colectivo terminal just south o…
Airport in Palenque

Palenque Airport

In 2014 Palenque's long-deserted airport finally opened to commercial flights. Interjet has twice-weekly service to Mexico City. Otherwise, the closest major airport is Villahermosa.
Bus in Palenque

Transporte Chambalú

Transporte Chambalú runs combis to the ruins about every 15 minutes from 6am to 9pm daily (M$25). They will pick you up or drop you off anywhere along the town-to-ruins road.
Bus Station in Palenque

Transportes Pajchiltic

Vans run to Metzabok (M$55, three hours) and Nahá (M$60, four hours) whenever they're full (morning is best). Transport back again often leaves in the middle of the night.
Bus Station in Palenque

ADO Bus terminal

ADO has the main bus terminal in town, with deluxe and 1st-class services, an ATM and left-luggage facilities; it’s also used by OCC (1st class).
Bus Station in Palenque

Vans to Ocosingo

Combis to Ocosingo. Note that due to security issues combis aren't always running along the fastest, direct route.
Bus Station in Palenque


AEXA, with 1st-class buses, and Cardesa (2nd class) is about 300m east of the main bus station on Avenida Juárez.
Taxi in Palenque

Radio Taxis Santo Domingo

Radio Taxis Santo Domingo has on-call service.
Taxi in Palenque

Taxi Stand

Taxis around town and to the ruins.