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Top Choice Mexican in Pachuca

Mina La Blanca Restaurant Bar

Pachuca’s most famous restaurant, La Blanca has been serving traditional hidalguense food, including pastes, ximbo (chicken and pork pit-roasted with maguey leaves) and a mean caldo de hongo (mushroom soup), since 1…
Top Choice Cultural Center in Pachuca

Cuartel del Arte

This gorgeous, sprawling cultural center is an oasis of calm at Pachuca’s bustling heart. Formerly the Convento de San Francisco, the complex includes three excellent museums, an art gallery, a theater, a library an…
Public Art in Pachuca

Macromural de Palmitas

This jigsaw puzzle of rainbow-painted houses on a hillside makes up Mexico’s largest mural. The artwork took 14 months to paint, employing ex-gang members and at first bringing a community spirit to a once-sketchy n…
Seafood in Pachuca

Aldamary Marisquería

If you have hours to spare at the main bus station, across the road this bustling marisquería (seafood restaurant) serves fresh seafood – including shrimp empanadas, oyster cocktails, stuffed crab, molcajetes (ingre…
Museum in Pachuca

Museo Nacional de la Fotografía

The excellent Museo Nacional de la Fotografía displays early imaging technology and stunning selections from the 1.5 million photos in the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) archives. The images –…
Lounge in Pachuca

Espresso Central

In a stylish, two-story building constructed from converted shipping containers, Espresso Central has quality espresso, domestic microbrews, decent wine and chai, plus crepes and bagels. At night the cafe and attach…
Bistro in Pachuca

El Manzanillo

This modern, high-ceilinged bistro is a sure bet. Whether it's a club sandwich or Mexican classics such as enchiladas, the food is spot on (even the seafood pasta) and the young weekend crowd are certain to be fired…
Mexican in Pachuca

Pastes el Billar

Standout pastes for over 25 years, from vegetarian flor de calabaza (zucchini flower) and champiñon (mushroom) to mole verde de pollo (chicken in a spicy pumpkin-seed sauce). It's on the east corner of the zócalo.
Museum in Pachuca

Museo de Minería

Pachuca’s mining museum provides a good overview of the industry that shaped the region. Headlamps, miners’ shrines and old mining maps are on display, and photos depict conditions in the shafts from the early years…
Mexican in Pachuca

Mesón de los Ángeles

This homey hole-in-the-wall has vintage bullfighting posters plastered across its tiled blue-and-white interior and is perfect for a quick bite. From flavorful tacos to mole verde (pumpkin seed, walnut, almond, lett…