Seafood in Bahías de Huatulco

El Grillo Marinero

Huge portions of fish (try the mahimahi if it’s available) served in a no-nonsense family-run restaurant that has most locals sighing with affection. Expect beer in a bottle, chipotle sauce in a plastic container, a…
Seafood in Zipolite

Piedra de Fuego

If you came to Zipolite to eat Mexican rather than Italian food, this is your bag with generous servings of fresh fish fillet or shrimp, accompanied by rice, salad and potatoes. It's simple, superb and run by a loca…
Seafood in Puerto Escondido

Costeñito Cevichería

Costeñito is all about its unique parrilla (grill) set up in the back of an old ‘hippie-mobile’ camper van so that you can watch your fish (take your pick from snapper, bass, prawns and octopus) being grilled in ful…
Seafood in San Agustinillo

La Ola

A slightly more refined palapa than is standard in these parts, La Ola (the wave) is right on the beach and delivers fine fish concoctions to its wooden periwinkle tables with aplomb. Honorable mentions should go to…
Seafood in Bahías de Huatulco

Azul Profundo

Unusually for an all-inclusive, the Camino Real Zaashila allows nonguests into its best restaurant, a romantic candlelit affair aside the ocean, to experience rich but expensive seafood. If you've ever dreamed of lo…
Seafood in Puerto Escondido

Restaurante Los Tíos

‘The Uncles,’ right on the sand's edge, serves great licuados (milkshakes) and fresh juices to go with its well-priced egg dishes, antojitos (Mexican snacks) and seafood. It’s popular with locals and nicely relaxed.
Seafood in Tehuantepec

Mariscos Silvia

The simplest of restaurants intended mainly for a local clientele, this seafood hole-in-the-wall next door to Hostal Emilia serves plentiful plates of prawns, oysters, octopus and other salt-of-the-sea specialties.
Seafood in Puerto Escondido

Restaurante Estrella del Mar

The pick of the smattering of Mexican restaurants on El Adoquín itself, with good seafood cocktails and antojitos (Mexican snacks) as well as seafood main dishes.