Bus Station in Oaxaca City

1st-class Bus Station

Two kilometers northeast of the Zócalo; used by ADO Platino and ADO GL (deluxe service), ADO and OCC (1st class) and AU, Sur and Cuenca (2nd class). You can buy tickets at the terminal or through Mi Escape.
Airline in Oaxaca City


Thirteen-seat Cessnas make half-hour hops to Puerto Escondido (M$1993) and Bahías de Huatulco (M$2042), on the Oaxaca coast, both daily – spectacular flights, but they are sometimes canceled or rescheduled at short …
Airline in Oaxaca City


Low cost Mexican airline with flights to Mexico City (three weekly), Tijuana (five), Monterrey (two) and Los Angeles (three).
Bus in Oaxaca City

Amigos del Sol Meeting Point

This is the meeting point for free transportation to Amigos del Sol language school.
Bus in Oaxaca City

Autobuses Turísticos (to Monte Albán)

Buses leave hourly for the ruins between 8:30am and 3:30pm. Tickets cost M$55. There's a small waiting room.
Bus in Oaxaca City


Runs buses (M$20) and vans (M$25) from Oaxaca to Ocotlán (45 minutes) about every 10 minutes, 6am to 9pm.
Bus in Oaxaca City

Transportadora Excelencias

Runs comfortable vans every half-hour to Yanhuitlán (M$60, one hour) and Teposcolula (M$100, 1¾ hours).
Bus in Oaxaca City


Vans to Pochutla, Zipolite and Mazunte. Company relaunched in July 2017 after a brief hiatus.
Taxi in Oaxaca City

Transportación Terrestre Aeropuerto

You can book a van seat from the city to the airport (M$75) a day or more ahead here.
Bus in Oaxaca City

Autobuses Halcón

Runs buses from Oaxaca city to San Bartolo (M$10, 20 minutes) about every 10 minutes.