Oaxaca City entertainment

Live Music in Oaxaca City

La Nueva Babel

A mural of Bowie as Aladdin Sane juxtaposed with the Virgin of Guadaloupe sets the alternative tone in Babel, a kind of Mexican dive bar with regular live music from an eclectic cache of performers – it could be son…
Theater in Oaxaca City

Teatro Macedonio Alcalá

The city’s main theater is a riot of frescoes and gilded boxes built in Louis XV style in 1909 during a renaissance of Mexican theater known as chico mexicano. Performances here range from operas and plays to classi…
Dance in Oaxaca City

Guelaguetza Show

If you’re not in Oaxaca for the Guelaguetza dance festival itself (July), it’s well worth attending one of the regular imitations. The highly colorful three-hour show in the beautiful Hotel Quinta Real is the best o…
Concert Venue in Oaxaca City

Auditorio Guelaguetza

The July Guelaguetza celebrations take place in this rather spectacular semi-open-air auditorium on the Cerro del Fortín.
Dance in Oaxaca City

Guelaguetza Show

This 1½-hour show goes ahead in the patio of the Hotel Monte Albán if at least 15 people reserve earlier in the day. It's usually a little 'canned' with recorded music, but if you can't make the real thing in July, …