Mexican in Álamos

Cenaduría Dõna Lola

This fan-cooled, family-run place is both simple and welcoming. The soups are crammed with ingredients (try the excellent sopa de tortillas) and there's a huge menu of delicious antojitos and breakfasts as well. It …
Mexican in Los Mochis


In that part of the park given over to US fast-food chains, this place is a spacious all-Mexican affair, with superb breakfasts (oh, the omelet sonorense!), hamburgers, generous salads, antojitos (typical Mexican sn…
Mexican in Álamos


Simple and cheap but very tasty Mexican dishes are served up in the peaceful courtyard of an old colonial mansion on the main square.
Mexican in Puerto Peñasco

La Curva

A good place to remind yourself you're in Mexico rather than north of the border, this restaurant is the opposite of the glitzy beach restaurant, and you'll barely see a wristband in the whole place. Huge plates of …