Zoo in Hermosillo

Centro Ecológico de Sonora

This lush botanical garden and zoo features an excellent array of plants and wildlife from Sonora’s mountains, deserts and prairies, including the endangered, antelope-like Sonoran pronghorn (berrendo): North Americ…
in Hermosillo

Palacio de Gobierno

The Palacio de Gobierno, completed in 1906, features an airy, neo-Moorish courtyard with colorful, dramatic murals depicting the history of Sonora.
Nature Reserve in Northwest Mexico

Reserva de la Biosfera El Pinacate y Gran Desierto de Altar

Northeast of Puerto Peñasco are the lunar landscapes of the Gran Desierto de Altar, one of the driest places on earth. This remote, spectacular 7145-sq-km reserve is a Unesco World Heritage site and contains ancient…
Museum in Bahía de Kino

Museo de los Seris

This small but well-curated museum displays an interesting collection of artifacts and handicrafts and panels about Seri culture and history, though signage is in Spanish only.
Museum in Álamos

Museo Costumbrista de Sonora

This well-done museum of Sonoran customs has extensive exhibits (all in Spanish) on the history and traditions of the state. Special attention is paid to the influence of mining on Álamos and the fleeting prosperity…
in Álamos

El Panteón

Álamos’ deliciously ancient cemetery is a fascinating jumble of above-ground tombs, elaborate headstones made of pastel-hued crosses and angel statues, and tall palm trees. It began receiving the dead of wealthy fam…
in Los Mochis

Parque Sinaloa

Parque Sinaloa occupies part of the former estate of Benjamin Johnston, the American who founded the sugar mill around which Los Mochis grew up in the early 20th century. Have a wander to see the international trees…
in Los Mochis

Casa del Centenario

You might find a worthwhile historical exhibition in the Casa del Centenario.
Museum in Hermosillo


This landmark museum, 1.5km south of the center, has edgy displays (there were superb poster art, Sonoran desert and contemporary Mexican art exhibitions when we dropped by), cultural events and films.
Museum in Álamos

Museo de María Félix

Movie star María Félix (known simply as 'La Doña,' and often dubbed Mexico's Marilyn Monroe) is the town's most famous daughter, and this museum is dedicated to her. Inside are paintings, photographs and personal ef…